Bringing lessons from sport to solve organisational culture challenges

A new partnership has been formed to help business leaders to unlock the latent value hidden within their workforce.

The Culture Business and Inside Track share an unwavering belief that it is people, not processes that drive outstanding results.  The Culture Business was created with a single mission to make workplaces better, and Inside Track offers key learnings from the world of sport.

Together the two businesses can deliver a unique offering that will demystify the complexity around organisational culture and elevate performance.  According to research from Harvard Business School, as much as half the difference in operating profit between organisations can be attributed to effective cultures [1], and Gallup report that of the world’s employees that are quietly quitting, 41% say culture is the main thing they would change, [2] “which should be enough to focus the attention of any CEO” says Dawn Sowerby of The Culture Business.  “Together we understand that in any organisation it is people and the choices they make that drive culture, and this applies whether it is a top flight sporting organisation or a fledgling business.”

David Henwood of Inside Track says “Building the right culture is crucial to success in sport. The best sports teams in the world are the ones that are continually analysing their environment and adapting to even the most subtle changes, all the time.  There is much that the commercial world can learn from this”

Together the two businesses have developed a results focused, three step cultural transformation model that will provide any company with a bespoke, value creation blueprint.

To learn more, contact Dawn or David directly: 07949 132302 07958 712764

[1] James Heskett (2012) The Culture Cycle: How to shape the unseen force that transforms performance

[2] Gallup (2023) State of the Global Workplace: 2023 Report