People strategy and HR support

People strategy and HR support

People strategy and HR support

People strategy and HR support

People strategy and HR support

Bring your HR practices up to date with our expert support services.  We can step in if your business doesn't yet have a People team, or closely align with an existing team to provide reliable support on an ongoing or project basis.  We pride ourselves on our knowledge and understanding of contemporary working practices and can guarantee a completely flexible and dynamic approach to any people related issues you are dealing with.

You can work with us in the following ways:

Retained or project based HR support.  Our retained service gives you the confidence that an expert service is on hand whenever you need it.  We take the time to get to know your senior teams and ensure our delivery is closely aligned to your own business culture and priorities.  Our project based support gives you the option to use us for a specific, usually shorter term piece of work.

Full review of the HR operating model within your business. We will work with you, in partnership, to conduct a comprehensive review, leading to the development of recommendations for change and a roadmap to get there that is fully aligned with your business strategy.

Due diligence to support People & OD aspects of investment, mergers and acquisitions. We understand the importance of getting the people elements of significant transactions right, and will help you to ensure that you have the intelligence you need on all strength and risk areas, giving you a solid foundation on which to build your future delivery plan and EVP.


Only around a third of employees in the UK are actively engaged.
One third!  


Leaving over 60% of the workforce who are either only engaged on a transactional level or, even worse, helping to create disengagement amongst others.  


Since companies with high levels of engagement are 22% more profitable than companies with low levels engagement, focusing on improving it is a no-brainer.

People will do what we ask them to do.  We just need to ensure we are asking them to do the right thing, to make the right choice.

"It’s all about the smell of the place"

Sumantra Ghoshal